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Gift Box Innovation and Development

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First, the cultural factors of the fusion product highlight the brand connotation of the product
      The culture of a product can go back to ancient times. Culture is the most vitality of the brand. Integrating the culture of the product into your brand, the product can be displayed in the sales terminal. However, this is to show the connotation of your brand and increase the brand awareness. The very good method. So integrate your product culture elements into the packaging box, so that your product will have a cultural heritage, so that the product can stand the time to polish.
Second, flat design, clever use of color
      The graphic design and color matching of the product packaging are the “vanguard fighters” obtained by consumers. The graphic design is exquisite, the color is harmonious, the beautiful product packaging must enter consumer's eyes first.
 Third, innovative packaging to meet different uses
      The function of the box is many, for example, protection, storage, transportation; marketing to attract attention; easy to buy and carry; enhance brand value. Well-designed packaging boxes can create greater value in sales and create more revenue and profits for producers.
Fourth, to provide the necessary information to improve the quality of the brand
     The key point in the depth-enhancing product packaging lies in the brand name, related product culture, pattern, text, color, material, shape and a series of active elements. It is very important to provide product information and performance, packaging information and product information must be consistent. For the brand's performance design, logo
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